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How Effective is Neurofeedback for Kids on the Autistic Spectrum?

As a Neurofeedback Expert, you may be interested in working with children on the Autistic Spectrum. I have been helping families that are dealing with Autism for over 20 years and it is very rewarding work. I have learned through my journey that Neurofeedback Therapy can be one of the foundational ways to help families.

What is the qEEG Brain Pattern for Autistic Spectrum Disorders?

Autism has been shown by scientific studies to be a qEEG Brain Map pattern of dysfunctional communication between brain areas. Over-connectivity of brain areas is evident in the back of the brain while under-connectivity runs rampant in the front. This is often times coupled with too much slowing across multiple brain areas.

How Does Neurofeedback Help Kids on the Autistic SPectrum?

In a study of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, those kids who received Neurofeedback training improved in a wide variety of skills, abilities, and behaviors. Their behaviors improved much more than those who did not receive neurofeedback.

26% average reduction in behaviors on the Autistic Treatment Evaluation Checklists (ATEC) was shown by those kids that received Neurofeedback. Those are remarkable gains. What is most notable is that this reduction was seen regardless of the child’s severity level of autism. Kids that experienced severe vs. mild autistic spectrum behaviors all showed improvement.

Parents also noted improvement in many different areas such as: socialization, vocalization, sleep, anxiety, schoolwork and reduction of tantrums.

How DO CLinical Gains Create Qualit of Life gains for Kids on the autistic Spectrum?

I find, in my personal work, that the changes that are listed above in this study make it so that the child can achieve next level gains. What I mean by this is simple. The child’s brain is calmer and and more organized. When the brain is more stable it can learn better. Therefore, once a child’s brain pattern has been re-wired, organized, and stabilized, he can set about learning cognitive , social, and emotional regulation skills with greater ease and efficiency. This is the essence of neuroplasticity. We change the brain’s performance for the better which enables it to perform even better and better into the future.

For the full study check out Efficacy of Neurofeedback for Children in the Autistic Spectrum: A Pilot Study, By Betty Jarusiewicz, PhD.

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