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Your Neurofeedback Expert® Professionals

Dr. Trish Leigh

Considered a forward thinking, multi-disciplined thought leader, Dr. Trish Leigh’s mission is to inspire you to live your best life ever as a Neurofeedback Expert, by empowering you to help people reach their greatest potential through the awesome power of Neurofeedback. She is the director of Leigh Brain & Spine and founder of Harness Your Brain educational programs for adults, and Leigh Music & Math programs for children. Dr. Leigh has mentored professionals and business owners throughout her academic and consulting leadership roles for over 25 years. She is a Board Certified Neurofeedback practitioner, scholar, mother of 5 children, and is held in the highest regard by esteemed colleagues and patients alike.

Dr. Cosmas Leigh

Through 25 years of experience in successfully treating chronic headaches, pain, and musculoskeletal challenges, Dr. Cosmas A. Leigh has become a leader in the area of pain reduction and alleviation. Dr. Leigh uses Neurofeedback, in conjunction with other traditional and functional neurological treatments, to help patients conquer their pain once and for all. It is his mission to help you in achieving the same success through the unique combination of treatment modalities. Dr. Leigh is the Director of Leigh Brain & Spine and has mentored new and striving professionals throughout his esteemed career.